Chicken Importation Collapsing Our Businesses -Kumasi Poultry Dealers Cry To Gov’t


Poultry dealers at the Kumasi Central Market have appealed the government to institute measures to check the influx of foreign dressed chickens’ importation to the country as it is collapsing the poultry business in Ghana.

The Secretary of the Fowl Dealers Association at the market, Joseph Amogya narrating their disappointment to Otec News’ Beatrice Oppong, he the price of the foreign chickens are relatively cheaper compared to the local ones, a situation if not checked, will cripple the local industry.

“We have all been enlightened by the concept of ‘buy made in Ghana goods’ which sorts to protect and sustain the local industries, but our poultry business is collapsing due to the importation of these chickens. We the local firms cannot compete with them because they are cheap and our products are under patronage” he lamented.

He appealed to the government to bring up some measures to deal with the situation, “we are not against those people in the importation of chicken business, something must done to protect our businesses. It can be in the form of incentives like tax free on our equipments, poultry feeds among others. This will even encourage more people to venture into the poultry business to sustain it for the development of the country”.

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