Change ‘Outdated’ Views Of Technical Training–Amb. Horace Ankrah


Ambassador Horace Ankrah

Ambassador Horace Ankrah

Ghanaian attitudes towards technical and vocational training are “outdated” and must be looked into, Ambassador Horace Ankrah, has said adding that university is “a good place to be but is not for every child.”

“I am taking this opportunity to appeal to schools to ensure pupils are aware that apprenticeships and other forms of technical education is good alternative to university; infact it is not for failed students but for early professionals.”

In an exclusive interview with ModernGhana News on the current state of education in Ghana, the renowned educationist and diplomat, is of the opinion that technical and vocational education should be taken seriously to enhance the prospects of our country.

“Technical training, or further education, in Ghana has been poor relation to a degree but in other parts of the globe it is on a par if not more highly regarded as in places like Germany.”

“Furthermore, we need as a people endeavour that every child in every circumstance, wherever they are growing up, whatever kind of school they are at, is aware of this range of possibilities” he added.

Ambassador Ankrah is of the opinion that private schools should end “shying away from recommending technical training to parents fearing they will not approve of it.”

Finally, he expressed his disappointment in various churches that are into education for “failing to look at the areas of vocational training to help out instead of all of them offering the status quo already being dished out in our public and private universities.”

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