Chamba Community Gets New Chief


After several months of consultations, the elders and kingmakers of the Chamba Community under the auspices of its National Leader, Chief Tahiru Kuta nominated Jamil Salley Iddrisu-Sika as the Chief of Chamba, a community in the Nanunba North district in the Northern Region.

The memorable event took place on Sunday, 10th February 2019 in Accra.

The decision was arrived after a 16 member committee comprising the Obwaya Di Na, seven community chiefs, seven head of clans and two members within the remit of academia present four persons for selection.

Mr. Iddrisu-Sika was picked for the chieftaincy position ahead of his contenders after they had gone through a series of vetting processes.

In consonance with the customs and traditions of the Chamba ethnic group, Mr. Iddrisu-Sika was presented with a bowl of kola nut to signify his nomination.

On behalf of the Sika Family, Mr. Abdul-Malik Sika expressed his profound gratitude to His Royal Highness Chief Zorsimdi Na, elders and the kingmakers for reposing confidence in their son for such a noble honor.

On his part, Mr. Sally Iddrisu-Sika said the chieftaincy conferred on him signifies the bond of relations that has existed for over 75yrs between Malam Chamba and Imam Iddrisu Sika of blessed memory, by sowing a seed that represented a path towards the advancement of Chamba people.

Until his nomination, Mr. Sika has served the Chamba community in various capacities. He is a Development Consultant and a Project Management Professional.

Also, he is a board member of the St. Aquinas Senior High School In Accra and a member of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM)-Tema MOC.

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