Bomso Church Of Christ Organises Personal Security Awareness Program For The Youth


“Security and worship can be blended successfully for the church and the congregation. The church is not exempt from crime whether committed by a member, a stranger or just an act of random terrorism.The church must be ready to consider the threats and be prepared to respond in a quick efficient and effective manner.”

These were the words of Mr. Richmond Willington, a police officer and a security consultant at CompSTark Consult & Amalgamated Concepts during a sensitization workshop organised by the Bomso Church of Christ for the youth.

The aim of the workshop was to bring the youth up to speed on keeping their personal security and taking precautions to avoid been kidnapped.

Speaking on the topic ” Personal Security Awareness” at the Ghana Bible College, the participants were taken through topics such as Individual Responsibility, Principles of Personal Security, Personal Security and Specific Threats, Best Practices among others.

The participants were taught to be responsible and accountable for their safety and security, develop strong sense of security awareness, and the need to adjust their behaviour to take into account the environment in which they find themselves.

Mr Willington admonished the youth to beware, avoid routine, maintain their security procedures, maintain good communication and exercise initiative and common sense.

In specific threats such as sexual violence/ sexual assault and kidnapping, he advised the youth to beware of the effects of alcohol, never leave drinks unattended to,socialize in large groups, be wary of strangers, seek immediate assistance if drugged, beware while alone, take precautions meeting in public place and informing others.

He told the participants that if they find themselves in kidnapped, they should not fight back or make sudden moves, keep calm, obey orders, should not speak unless spoken to, try not to give ID and observe as much as possible and their captor(s).

To surviving captivity, they should make efforts to build relationships/ bond with the captor(s), appeal to the captor(s) family feelings, keeping their dignity and communicate with another captive(s), keeping track of time, staying positive and mentally active.

He urged the participants to use the program as a guide to provide an introduction and understanding of the most efficient process/best practices and procedures to effectively guide them in their responsibility towards their safety and security.

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