Basic school leavers top 2018 list of convicts in Ghana


Basic school leavers have topped the list of persons jailed in various prison facilities in the country for 2018, according to the Prisons Service’s annual report.

The report shows that out of the 9,034 persons who were convicted last year, a whopping 5,888 had only completed basic education.

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One thousand four hundred and twenty-seven (1,427) convicts had attained secondary or post-basic education, 1,495 convicts had no formal education while 224 had tertiary education.

The report also indicates that out of the total number of convicts admitted in 2018, 4,813 representing 53.28 per cent were Christians while 1,809 practised Islam.

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On the admission of foreigners, the report said 445 African have been jailed in Ghanaian prisons with Nigeria recording the highest figure of 156.

There are 112 Togolese in Ghana’s prisons, 59 are Burkinabe and 49 Nigeriens.

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