Awake News reporter elected SRC President of Evangelical Presbyterian University


The Volta regional correspondent of online media portal awakenewsonline, Mr. Faisel Abdul-Iddrisu has been elected the 12th President of the Students Representative Council (SRC),

of the Evangelical Presbyterian University College in

The young journalist, a Level 300 student of the Governance Studies Department, who also works with Ho based radio-Swiss FM, had a total of 379 votes against 259 gained by his opponent Mr. Derrek Elikplim Hoggar of the Human Resource Management department during Saturday’s polls; an election that was said to have recorded the lowest voter turnout.

Prior to his election as the SRC President, Faisel was the Speaker of the University’s Youth Parliament, a position he noted challenged him to go ‘beyond the ordinary challenges of life’.

He is a former student of St. Paul’s Senior High School (SPACO), and holds a diploma in journalism and media studies from the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM-London).

Delivering a speech after declaration of the results, Faisel noted that his endorsement by the student body was an exhibition of the desire for a change in the narratives about SRC administration at the University, a task he says he’s ready for.

“For me, I see this endorsement as a show of the desire of the students body for somebody to come and change the narratives about SRC administration at the Evangelical Presbyterian University College. It is a call to serve and to make the SRC relevant to the needs, interest and well-being of the students of this noble institution. Let me remark that I am ready to work in the next few months to reposition SRC in that perspective, with the support of the students”, he said.

He observed that students politics is different from the general dynamics of politics in Ghana.

“The dynamics of students politics is changing. In academia, no amount of defamation, vilification, lies and name callings can win you a portfolio. What we see in grassroot politics, has no place in academia. In academia, people are critical and make decisions based on thorough analysis.”

“I want to use this opportunity to call on management to give us the needed support for us to be able to work towards the full realization of the aspirations of students of this university”.

The Evangelical Presbyterian University College, is the first private university established in the Volta region about by the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana, with its main campus located in Ho.

The university currently runs about 11 degree programs and some diploma courses.

Story by: Fuseini Iddrisu

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