Accra Fulani Community Urged To Calm Down


The newly installed chief of the Fulani Community of Accra, Alhaji Amadu Abdul-Rahman, has urged Fulani herdsmen to coexist peacefully with farmers and other people in the country.

He said he would engage with the other Fulani Chiefs in the other regions to strategize in a bid to restore peace between Fulani herdsmen and members of their host communities.

Alhaji Abdul-Rahman made the remarks after his installation as the chief of the Fulani community of Accra at a coronation ceremony held at Nima in Accra on Sunday.

The Chief of the Dagomba community in Accra and President of the National Council of Zongo Chiefs, Alhaji Abdul Kadir Tahir, led other traditional chiefs during the installation.

The new Fulani chief, Alhaji Amadu, 85, is a retired public servant who worked the United Kingdom.

He is the nephew of the late chief of the Fulani community in Accra, Alhaji Abubakar Ousman, who passed on in 1965.

Alhaji Amadu said his preoccupation was to ensure that Fulani herdsmen would begin to leave peacefully with farmers and other people in the host communities.

He said it was only through peaceful coexistence that Fulani herdsmen could have the peace of mind to rear their cattle.

The new chief said it was important for Fulani herdsmen to respect the orders given by the authorities to ensure lasting peace.

Alhaji Amadu said many Fulanis lagged behind because of their disinterest in education.

He, therefore, pledged to come up with a financial package to promote education among the Fulani community in Accra.

He said he would encourage other Fulani Chiefs in the other regions to also introduce similar measures to encourage education.

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