50th Anniversary Celebration of Wa School for the Deaf, the Contribution of Pro-NDC Whatsapp Platform Meet Ur MP’s/ fmr MP’s n MMDCE’s Platform


Wa school for the deaf was established in 1969. The school is located in the outskirt of the Wa town. It is directly opposite Wa Senior High School. Wa School for the deaf serves as the only school in the Upper West Region which admits students who are hearing impaired across the length and breadth of the country. The numerical strength of the school currently stands at 262 students.

As the school marks its 50th anniversary, plans are far advanced towards the celebration of this milestone. Among these plans is the launching of the anniversary.

Today, 23rd March, 2019 happens to be the day for the launching of the 50th Anniversary. This took place at the school premises. The dignitaries present were the Most Rev. Bishop Baawour, members of the regional house of chiefs, Pro-NDC Whatsapp platform, “Meet Ur MP’s/ fmr MP’s n MMDCE’s”, and staff of the school.

On this special day of the school for the deaf, a Pro-NDC platform christened “Meet Ur MP’s/fmr MP’s and MMDCE’s”, participated in this special day of this school. In fact, this was the only political party that honoured the invitation. No other political party honoured this all-important programme. This is significant enough to showcase how committed and honest the NDC is to undoing discrimination against the disables in this country.

As part of our social responsibilities and objectives as a purpose-driven NDC Whatsapp platform, we made donation of several varied items valued Ghc4000 to the school. We further bought the anniversary cloth to support them in advertising the programme.

We did this to show the love and care we have for our younger brothers and sisters who are hearing impaired. This further reflects the all-inclusiveness the NDC as a party stands for. The NDC party does not discriminate against the disables this is the reason why it is the first political party in the history of Ghana to have appointed a visually impaired person, Hon. Seidu Danaa as a minister. It can be inferred that the NDC believes strongly in the famous saying, “disability is not inability”. It is on this score that we socialised and solidarised with our younger brothers and sisters in this school to inspire and give them hope.

Quite apart from that members of this Pro-NDC platform went ahead to play a football match with these students and that was the excited part of the programme.

During the programme, opportunity was given to representative of “Meet Ur MP’s/ fmr MP’s n MMDCE’s” to say a word. Below is the speech presented by this noble and purpose driven Whatsapp platform.


Madam Chairperson, Headmaster, Our Lord Bishop of Catholic Wa diocese, Most Rev. Richard Baawour, Representive of Regional Director of Education, Invited Guest, Staff and Students of the School for the Deaf, members of NDC present, Media, Ladies and Gentlemen. As members of a Pro-NDC WhatsApp platform by name “Meet Ur MPs /fmr MPs and MMDCEs”, we are grateful for the honour done us to be part of this 50th anniversary celebration of the school for the deaf.

As social democrats, NDC holds people living with disabilities in high esteem and as a result we were the first political party in Ghana to appoint a person living with disability to the high office of a minister, in the person of Hon. Dr. Seidu Danaa.

In this direction, we are here today to socialize and to solidarise with our younger brothers and sisters and to add our voice to the fact that disability is not inability.

We will also wish to state that we will continue to collaborate and give support to the school in whatever way possible to help our brothers and sisters living with disabilities to realize their dreams. We are very hopeful that the next NDC government to be led by His Excellency John Dramani Mahama will give a facelift to the Wa School for the Deaf and we are assuring you that persons living with disability will continue to be part of the NDC family and future government.

As part of our support for the launching of your 50th-anniversary celebration, we are donating assorted items valued at GHC 4000.00, which include:

Two (2) sewing machines

One (1) set of weaving machine

Three hundred (300) bowls with lids

Three hundred (300) cups with lids

Three hundred (300) exercise books

Two (2) footballs

Twenty-five (25) cartons of soft drinks and

Two (2) boxes of biscuits

In conclusion, Madam Chairperson, the door of the NDC is still opened and the school should not hesitate to knock on it for support when the need arises.

Thank you very much.

Eye Zu
Eye Za

Mr. Ishmael Dibkuu
Regional Elections Director (NDC)
Group Administrator

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